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Precious Knowledge

PRECIOUS KNOWLEDGE FILMArizona’s battle over ethnic studies in public schools, while students transform lawmakers push to eliminate the classes.

Beyond The Border

Beyond the Border FilmYoung Marcelo Ayala leaves his home in Mexico to join his brothers in the Kenucky Bluegrass

The Spirituals

The Spirtituals FilmSongs composed by slaves create a lasting and moving legacy, with performances by the American Spiritual Ensemble.

The Kentucky Theatre

The Kentucky Theater FilmThe life and times of a palacial, art house theater and downtown gem in Lexington, Kentucky.


Impresario FilmImpresario Everett McCorvey shares the joys and challenges of bringing talent to the stage.

Dos Vatos Mexico

Dos Vatos Mexico FilmA collection of short films celebrating the beauty and mystery of Oaxaca, Mexico.

Cafe Sisters Films
Tobacco Blues

Tobacco Blues FilmA look at 4 farming families as they face possible loss of their farms, livelihoods and lifestyles.

The Southern Sex

The Southern Sex FilmThis lively film challenges the myth of the southern woman.

Mother Love

Mother Love FilmA look at one of the most formative relationships of a woman’s life, the mother/daughter relationship.

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