“We have this wonderful store of folk music-the melodies of an enslaved people, who poured out their longings, their grief and their aspiration in the one great, universal language. But this store will be of no value unless we utilize it … unless our musical architects take the rough timber of Negro themes and fashion from it music, which will prove that we, too, have national feelings and characteristics”. R. N. Dett (1918)

WEDU Tampa-St. Petersburg, FL
7/27/07 23:30ET

KOZK Springfield, MO
7/29/07 14:30CT

KOZJ Joplin-Pittsburg, MO
7/29/07 14:30CT

WOSU Columbus, OH
8/3/07 5:00ET

WPBO Charleston-Huntington, WV
8/3/07 5:00ET

WPTO Cincinnati, OH
7/26/07 22:30ET

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