In June of 1998, 17 year-old Marcelo
Ayala prepared to leave his home in
Michoacán, México for the United States.

En Junio de 1998, Marcelo Ayala se prepara
para dejar su hogar en Michoacán, México,
hacia los Estados Unidos.

Like his brothers before him, he found
goodbyes painful, and made no mention
of his plans to his family.

Como para sus hermanos para Marcelo la
despedida fue muy dolorosa y nunca
mencionó sus planes a su familia.

Over the past decade, thousands of Latinos seeking better possibilities have begun migrating to Midwestern states like Kentucky, with its low-paying jobs in the tobacco, manufacturing and horseracing industries. But as these Latino communities have swelled, so too has the xenophobia and discrimination facing them.

Beyond the Border, follows the immigrant experience with Marcelo Ayala, who leaves his family on a risky journey to the United States. We begin to understand his decision to leave Mexico with the insights of his brothers, who before him, have each made the same journey. Horacio Ayala, has been in the US for a couple of years. He yearns to return to Mexico. Juan, the anchor of the brothers, has managed to realize his dream of a family and stable job in the United States, all the while missing the joy of being with his family in Mexico. Gonzalo, the oldest, has seen his life unravel, with broken marriages, jail time and a constant battle with alcoholism.

Beyond the Border rounds out immigration’s effect on family in Marcelo’s home town of Michoacan, Mexico. Marcial and Carmen, his parents, still toil for what little money they can earn in the depressed economy. The sisters Lupe and Carmen, would like to immigrate to the US, but have remained behind with their Mexican husbands. Finally, Elena, the youngest, dreams of an education, to gain income for the family.

Beyond The Border is a co-production of
Dos Vatos Productions
and KET, the Kentucky Network,
produced in association
with ITVS and
Latino Public Broadcasting.

Additional Funding Provided by
The KET Fund for Independent Production,
The Kentucky Humanities Council and
The National Endowment for the Humanities,
The Kentucky Oral History Commission,
The Kentucky Arts Council,
and The Hugh M. Hefner Fondation.

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